Terms and Conditions

The rates published on the website are only valid at the time of the quotation and guaranteed upon receipt of payment. All purchases are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed until full payment has been received.

A purchase is considered complete when you receive a confirmation and the corresponding charge is final. When ordering you consent and confirm that you acknowledge and accept our purchase policies, payment and cancellation policies. By completing your purchase you agree to accept the conditions and charges associated with the prices you selected.

Payment Policies

We accept Visa, Discover, Amex and MasterCard credit/debit cards through PayPal. Or you can choose to pay through your own PayPal account. You can determine which method you wish to use during the reservation process. We do not accept cash or personal checks. We use PayPal because they charge you in the currency of your country, refunds are at no charge to you, there is no peso exchange, and it is a well known secure payment system.


Change, Refund and Cancellation policy. We do not list all brand names on the order form since you are coming to Mexico. All goods must be trucked into the state so not all items are always available. Substitutions will be made where possible on items not available. If you don’t want substitutions please indicate this by checking the box on your shopping cart and you will be refunded for the item that is not available.


You can change any item or items up to 72 hours or more before the day and time of delivery. Changes can be made without a fee or penalty.


The orders are checked before delivery. You will be signing for the order once it is unpacked at your residence. Please let us know on the order form when you sign for delivery what is missing and we will refund that amount.

There will be no refunds after the delivery has been signed for and the driver has left.


Any order can be canceled up to 72 hours or more before the day and time of delivery. Any deliveries canceled by you result in a 10% administrative processing fee. There will be no refund once the groceries have been purchased by We Deliver Cancun, as these cannot be returned to the stores. Purchases are made between 72 and 2 hours in advance of delivery time, at the discretion of We Deliver Cancun.

Cancellations must be made by e-mail by the person that made the purchase or a representative designated by the purchaser. This is to protect you from someone canceling your order without your knowledge.

Notification of a cancellation must be received by We Deliver Cancun, 72 hours before the day of delivery via: E-mail – wdcwedeliver@gmail.com.

Canceling an order can be completed by contacting us and stating your name, order number, and request for cancellation.
This can be done via e-mail or phone.
Orders can only be canceled prior to 72 hours before the delivery date.
E-mail – wdcwedeliver@gmail.com.
Phone – (52) 998-201-7177.


We Deliver Cancun S de R.L. de C.V. and its affiliates are independent from suppliers over whom we have no direct control and we act only as agents for the purchaser in buying groceries and supplies and do not assume any liability whatsoever for any injury, damage, death, loss, accident, due to an act of negligence of, or default of any supplier or person rendering any of the items purchased. The purchaser hereby waives any claim against Cancun Best Discounts S. de R.L. de C.V. and its affiliates related to the goods purchased.

We Deliver Cancun
Cancun, Mexico
Tel. 52 998 201 7177.
Email: wdcwedeliver@gmail.com